Farewell, My Lovely Readers

As the fall quarter at Cal Poly winds down, unfortunately so does my blog.  I created this blog for my multimedia journalism class and I used it as a way to promote more… Continue reading

Stay Tuned: SloCo Pasty Company

Do you ever wonder how people in SLO come across all these restaurants that you have never heard of? You can find out how to do that with the help of my video… Continue reading

Slo Co Pasty Company

Being in a college town means that there will be bars and English or Irish pubs galore.  Although there are many of these pubs in a typical downtown area, you rarely, if ever,… Continue reading

Savor Your Food With this App

Looking to save money on your next food outing?  Check out these Top 5 reasons why you should check out this FREE app called “Savored.” 1. Easy Reservations When you sign in to… Continue reading

What Do You Think?

As we start off week nine of fall quarter, it seems appropriate to see how my blog is coming along. I just wanted to say thank you to everyone who has visited my… Continue reading

It’s Poll Time!

You may be reading this just around lunch or dinner time and you may be a little hungry as well.  Here is a poll for all of you who cannot make up your… Continue reading

Multicultural Cuisine of SLO

San Luis Obispo is chock-full of restaurants and several eclectic, fusion ones at that, but there is a lack of diversity when it comes to cuisine from countries outside of America.  Most of… Continue reading

The History of American Food

As we have all learned through several years of history classes in school, we know that America had a lot of history to it.  There is one thing that we all love dearly… Continue reading

Top Food Critic, Gail Simmons

Sometimes you are desperate to go out to dinner and just don’t know where to go  Luckily, that is what food critics are for.  One food critic you may know serves as a judge… Continue reading

Lunchtime Spending

Have you ever wondered how your lunchtime spending compared to those around you?  Or do you think that you may be going out too often?  Well fear not because you are not alone… Continue reading