Photo of restaurants and shops taken in Downtown San Luis Obispo by author.

Photo of restaurants and shops taken in Downtown San Luis Obispo by author.

Welcome to SLO Where Should We Go?  Here you will be able to find new places throughout San Luis Obispo where you can eat food you never knew SLO offered.  Sometimes you just can’t bear to cook another meal or you are sick of campus food, so this is your chance to escape, splurge, and maybe even save some money that you might have spent at an expensive restaurant.  There are so many restaurants in SLO, but have you ever realized that you go to the same places every weekend?  Well I say out with the old — Firestone, Woodstock’s, Chipotle, you get it — and in with the new.  As much as we all love these places, if you aren’t tired of them yet, you will be.  If you are tired of them, then that is probably one of several different reasons you have stumbled upon this blog.  Hopefully you will learn to find even more interesting and tasty places on your own as well.

This blog will be, in some ways, comparable to The Price Hike and Dan & Esther’s Food Haven. These blogs talk about how to save money on your meals and review other restaurants for your convenience (and curiosity).  In appearance, SLO Where Should We Go? will resemble that of the student blog Cali Coastal since they both use the theme Triton Lite.  In content, this blog will also be similar to student blogs SLO with a Side of Bacon and Poly Places as they both focus on finding places around SLO that many people have yet to discover.

Thank you for checking out my blog and stick around for more shortly.