Emily’s Cinnamon Rolls in SLO

What’s For Breakfast Today?

There is an abundance of restaurants in downtown San Luis Obispo, but sometimes the food stops that are not downtown become forgotten.  On California Boulevard, right outside campus is a small shop called Emily’s Cinnamon Rolls, which is perfect for breakfast or an afternoon snack.

Emily’s Cinnamon Rolls story is very cute and notable.  The two store owners both had companies of their own where they used their names.  They were both familiar with having their own bakeries, which they opened in Honduras, Central America.  Their daughter, Emily, wanted the next business to be named after her, hence the name.  She also wanted the store to sell the delicious cinnamon rolls her parents made.

Kyle Cole, who owns the shop with his wife and daughter, said, “I started a business where we were producing cookies.  We had several bakeries down there [in Central America], but we baked everything.”

Photo of the pumpkin pie cinnamon roll taken by Ross Pfeifer.

Photo of the pumpkin pie cinnamon roll taken by Ross Pfeifer.

Which Should You Try First?

The classic flavors offered at Emily’s include traditional, raspberry, apple pie, banana nutella, and pecan sticky buns, as well as specials like the pumpkin cinnamon roll being offered this fall.  All the flavors are special in their own ways and it is hard to decide which flavor is the best.  The shop also has a variety of drinks that you may order to accompany your cinnamon roll, like coffee or some hot chocolate.

When asked what the best flavor at Emily’s is, Kyrene Wang, an animal science major, said, “Their traditional and the pecan one are really good, but it’s really sweet so it’s not for everybody.  And you should always ask for extra frosting and for them to toast it for you.”

On the other hand, Alex Feige, a business major, said that the banana nutella cinnamon roll is their best flavor.

Isn’t it great when you order your food and it tastes just as wonderful as it did the first time you had it?  Cole said “the consistency part is the trickiest.”  Getting a recipe perfectly made every time does seem like a difficult task, but at Emily’s each cinnamon roll is as well-made as the next.

Did You Say Special Offer?

Emily’s Cinnamon Rolls caters to those with special dietary needs.  This includes their gluten-free and vegan brownies and gluten-free and vegan cinnamon rolls

Another sweet treat Emily’s rolls out is when you purchase a cinnamon roll, all you have to do is Instagram a photo of your cinnamon roll, mention Emily’s, and you get one for free.

For the Quiet Days Inside

Photo of the Emily's Cinnamon Rolls storefront taken by author.

Photo of the Emily’s Cinnamon Rolls storefront taken by author.

You can never eat just one cinnamon roll either.  For those days you feel like staying at home and secretly eating a whole batch of cinnamon rolls, you can make some cinnamon rolls of your very own.  Like Emily’s Cinnamon Rolls, you can enjoy flavors other than the classic, but delicious, traditional cinnamon roll.  For instance, eggnog cinnamon rolls for the holidays, bacon cinnamon rolls for those bacon lovers, or get crazy with pecan brownie buns with espresso glaze.  

For special offers and additional pictures of the delectable cinnamon rolls at Emily’s, you can visit their Instagram page!  Don’t forget to visit their tent at the Farmer’s Market downtown on Thursday nights.  When you do visit the shop, make sure to get there early before they are all sold out for the day.