What Do You Think?

As we start off week nine of fall quarter, it seems appropriate to see how my blog is coming along.

I just wanted to say thank you to everyone who has visited my blog thus far and has given me feedback.  I currently have had 177 views and counting, some of which have come from across the world in Russia!  In addition, I have eight followers, which I am very excited about.  Apparently, two of my posts were shared on Facebook as well, which is pretty awesome too.  Okay, one was from my mom, but ONLY one!

Clearly, there is always room for improvement.  I would definitely want to figure out how to make the text stand out more (new theme, perhaps?) and make the pictures more exciting.  My mom (thanks mom) thought that the Vine was a little too fast and that I should include the addresses for some restaurants.  I think the main issue is that this blog is about San Luis Obispo, which many people around the world cannot relate to.  However, it is helpful to California residents, savvy travelers, and anyone who plans to visit California.  I also hope to go out with a bang with my final post by tying SLO and restaurants in general together.

I had some very positive feedback from some of my friends as well.  My friend Jenny said that she liked how straightforward and conversational my posts were.  She also likes the easy readability on some posts, in which she could just skim through and make a clear decision on what sounds good.  She also said it felt like I was guiding her around SLO and showing her these restaurants.

One blog I admire is A Beautiful Mess because although the two sisters who run the blog do not talk about restaurants, I like all their DIY tips and recipes as well as topics that relate to the home.  I also really like my fellow student-run blog Holistic Health Hacks and how she included a broad spectrum of topics that all relate back to being healthy.

Please feel free to post comments on any of my blog entries and give me whatever feedback you would like to share!  Thank you again for keeping up with my blog!  There is still more to come so stay tuned!