Slo Co Pasty Company

Being in a college town means that there will be bars and English or Irish pubs galore.  Although there are many of these pubs in a typical downtown area, you rarely, if ever, find a restaurant dedicated solely to British cuisine.  Here in San Luis Obispo we have SloCo Pasty Company, a restaurant you may remember from my poll post.  SloCo Pasty Company serves, as you might have guessed, pasties.  Now, you are probably wondering what a pasty is.  A pasty is a normal, flaky crusted hand pie stuffed with various meats, potatoes, and vegetables.  

In regards to what advantages there are to working in a more unknown restaurant, Sarah, an employee at SloCo Pasty Co. said, “You aren’t serving the same thing that everyone else is serving.  You’re not serving a burger.  You don’t have to strive to be like, ‘How are we going to make this burger different than the guy next door’s burger?’ because we’re legitimately serving something that no one else is serving.  So, we have that market cornered.”

Photo of SloCo Pasty Co. sign in downtown SLO taken by author.

Photo of SloCo Pasty Co. sign in downtown SLO taken by author.

Typically at SloCo Pasty Co., they serve a side of broccoli slaw and either a red wine gravy or gorgonzola sauce on the side for dipping or pouring over your pasty.  

The menu has a large variety of flavors including the traditional “Oggy,” which is filled with steak and potatoes.  They also offer a chicken pot pie flavor, seasonal flavors, like the Thanksgiving pasty this month, among several other varieties with pork, tri-tip, and chicken.  Once you finish up with your dinner or lunch, you can order a dessert pasty, like Strawberries and Cream.  Luckily, the most you can spend on one pasty is $10.50, an affordable price for the large pasty you receive (and may even take home as a leftover).  

The menu is not just limited to pasties either.  There is a large selection of sides (mainly French fries—you cannot go wrong with fries), in addition to soup and stew, and salads.

Photo of pasties in Tempe, Arizona taken by Deant979 licensed by Creative Commons.

Photo of pasties in Tempe, Arizona taken by Deant979 licensed by Creative Commons.

There are several ways to find new places to eat either in SLO or your hometown, as suggested by Ross Pfeifer and Justin Rapolas.  

“Either recommendations by friends or usually I use the yelp app for nearby recommendations because the reviews on yelp don’t lead you wrong, but sometimes they’re terrible,” Pfeifer, a business student, said.

Rapolas, an architecture student, said, “I think there are a lot of outlets that they have out right now where I go to.  I definitely ask my friends where I want to go to and they’ll give me recommendations.  Also, through online apps on my iPhone, like Urban Spoon, Open Table, and yelp that give reviews and I’ll go off of those if I haven’t been there before or no one else has told me about them.”

SloCo Pasty Company also has a booth at the Thursday night Farmers’ Market downtown.  At this booth you can get a slightly smaller sized pasty, which is perfect because you cannot just stop at one food booth when you go to Farmers’.  Since you are getting a smaller size, of course you will pay less money—about $6 or $7.

There are several words that could be used to describe SloCo, but Sarah had two specifically in mind.  “Definitely unique is the word.  I’d also say that it has a very historical quality to it.”

If you cannot make it to this unique restaurant, Emeril Lagasse has got your back with this DIY recipe.

For more on what these three individuals had to say, check out the video below.