Farewell, My Lovely Readers

As the fall quarter at Cal Poly winds down, unfortunately so does my blog.  I created this blog for my multimedia journalism class and I used it as a way to promote more unknown restaurants in SLO.  I like to try new places every once in awhile and try as I might, my friends still only want to go to Firestone.  There are so many great places to go in SLO and there is still a significant amount of places I have been wanting to go to for some time now.  I hope this blog has helped my readers branch out and look for something new to try.  It absolutely opened my eyes to all those restaurants out there.

It has been a wild 10 weeks of blogging.  As of today, I have had 247 views on SLO Where Should We Go?, some of which came from the Philippines and Russia, and I have reached 10 followers.  All of this may not seem like a huge achievement, but I am quite proud of what I have accomplished.

Nikki Petkopoulos, the author of the blog Beautinomic, said, “I love the layout you used because it’s appropriate for your topic: simple yet pleasing to the eye. Your idea is adorable, and your writing style is engaging. Great job.”

Throughout my journey, I have visited some places that I have never been to before and have gone back to several times after discovering them, like Steynberg Gallery and Fromagerie Sophie.  I also learned a lot about the food preferences people in SLO have, as well as how they find new places to eat.  It was also interesting to peek into the perspectives of the employees at some of the places I visited because I have never worked at a restaurant before.  So, those who do (or have) worked at a restaurant before see things differently and know what it is like to find new restaurants or make theirs stand out from all the rest, which is what a lot of the places in SLO are like—unique and different.

I was very proud of my latest post about SloCo Pasty Company in downtown.  I thought the employee I interviewed at the restaurant provided some great insight into the Pasty Company and restaurants in general.  Overall, I think all three of the people I interviewed had great advice and explanations of what their routines are for finding restaurants.

Like many things, this blog had the best of times and the worst of times.  I often found it difficult to get compelling answers, but maybe that is because I am not asking the right questions or there really is no amazing answer to be had.  I wish I had more interesting (or, as my sister said, “personalized”) photos to share, so for the future I need to remember to just keep taking photos at every chance I get and with every interesting thing I come across.

Demi Castanon, the writer of The Flow Within Meliked the featured images that I used for the main page of my blog as a little preview for my blog posts.  She also thought that I should use titles that called to the reader and pulled them into the blog, like the title of my blog post about the Savored app, which I named Savor Your Food With this App.  It has a fun, catchy title that also relates to the app.

It’s been a fun time learning more about the many sides of multimedia journalism—audio, video, editing, reader interactivity, and blogging in general.  Hopefully inspiration will strike once again and I will return to blogging soon!  

Here is a look back at some of the restaurants I visited and covered for SLO Where Should We Go?


The grande quesadilla I got from Taqueria Santa Cruz Express during my live tweeting. Picture taken by author.


When I went to Steynberg Gallery for my first big blog post and got a mouthwatering Maui Mocha. Picture taken by author.


The SloCo Pasty Co. booth at Farmers’ Market that I stopped by in preparation for my final big blog. Picture taken by author.