Emily’s Cinnamon Rolls in SLO

What’s For Breakfast Today? There is an abundance of restaurants in downtown San Luis Obispo, but sometimes the food stops that are not downtown become forgotten.  On California Boulevard, right outside campus is… Continue reading

Fromagerie Sophie

Some of the cheese, crackers, and jams that Fromagerie Sophie has to offer for those nights you want to spend at home with your very own cheeseboard.

Steynberg Gallery: A Hidden Gem in San Luis Obispo

On Monterey Street right outside of downtown San Luis Obispo lies Steynberg Gallery, a coffee shop that is also caters to the interests of the artistic and musically driven.  Steynberg Gallery is easily… Continue reading

SLO, Taqueria Night?

Need a place to eat tonight?  Head on over to my twitter and check out my live feed of my journey to your new favorite dinner spot!

3 Simple Ways to Get Your Food Quicker

Do you ever sit around your house on a Friday evening thinking over all the possibilities for dinner?  It’s probably likely that if you have done this, you also rejected all of the… Continue reading

Twitter, Here I Come

Hello everyone!  Check out my twitter @caitlinkelsea to get updates on my blog and get in the know around SLO.


Welcome to SLO Where Should We Go?  Here you will be able to find new places throughout San Luis Obispo where you can eat food you never knew SLO offered.  Sometimes you just… Continue reading